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Introductory statement

The science of superimmortality podcast topics

The science of superimmortality abstract

Introductory topics

Introduction part 1

Terminology for the science of superimmortality

Television/movie analogy for superimmortality

Introduction part 3

Why superimmortality is a science

Why superimmortality is super

Reasons why Superimmortality is not considered a solution for immortality

Different types of consciousnesses represented by different types of movies


The story of your life versus the story of your ixperiencitness

Soul/supernatural immortality versus Superimmortality

Reasons to understand Superimmortality

Mortalism versus Superimmortality

Singularity of self versus multiplicity or plurality of self

Understanding superimmortality is the next step in awareness

Humans are percentage wise identical

Principles of superimmortality

The identity principle

Near identical principle

Neuro near identical principle

Variational consciousness principle

Sensepath principles

I experience it principle

I experience it principle evidence

Production principles of superimmortality

Continuum principle of consciousness

Continuum principle of ixperiencitness

Supporting evidence for the Principles of superimmortality

Evidence for the identity principle

Evidence for the Near identical principle

Evidence for the Neuro near identical principle

Evidence for the Variational consciousness principle

Evidence for the I experience it principle

Evidence for the Continuum principle of consciousness

Evidence for the Continuum principle of ixperiencitness

Actual experimental evidence for superimmortality


Types of superimmortality Experiments

Repetition Experiments

Modification Experiments

Parallel Experiments

Divergence Experiments

Convergence Experiments

Multiplicity Experiments

Extension experiments

Changes in Time experiments

Changes in Space experiments

Changes in Matter experiments

Changes in Assimilation of mater speed experiments

Changes in Structure experiments

Changes in Functioning experiments

Continuity experiments

Multiplicity before death experiments

Mapping experiments

Experiments with electronic brains

Terminology of the science of superimmortality


Types of Itospaces


Types of continuums in superimmortality



Ixperiencitness grouping of awarepaths

What you can experience in this or another body

You experiencing modern day human life times

You experiencing historical human life times

You experiencing futuristic human life times

You experiencing enhanced consciousnesses

You experiencing superability consciousnesses

You experiencing the bodies of aliens

You experiencing the realities of aliens

You experiencing the consciousnesses of aliens

You experiencing awarepaducer created consciousnesses

Further topics

Continuum and multicontinuum concepts

Book analogy for superimmortality

Existential angst

The fear of not knowing what you will consciously experience after death

What does it mean to have a percentage wise identity of ixperiencitness?

Comparison between superimmortality and other revolutionary scientific theories

Enhancement of ixperiencitness

The hard problem of consciousness

Understanding qualia by way of qualia

Me in and through time

Actual versus potential itospaces

Life after death theories

Multiplicity of self

Probability of re-existence


Examples of types of superimmortality

Examples of extensions

Examples of enhancement

Examples of repetition

Examples of divergence

Examples of convergence

Examples of progression

Examples of digression

Examples of modification

Examples of parallelism

Examples of multiplicity

Types of awarepaths

The heaven or hell of superimmortality

Angelic---supportive awarepaths

Investigative awarepaths

Examples of combinations of types superimmortality

Continuation of memories, experiences, accomplishments, understanding, after death in another body

Modified reality awarepaths

Modified reality producing sensepaths

Novel awarepaths

Science fiction awarepaths

Time travel awarepaths

Magical awarepaths

Historical awarepaths

Illogical and Irrational awarepaths

Observer awarepaths

Types of Transformational Itopaths

Transformational Awarepaths

Electronically produced physapaths

Electronically produced awarepaths

Transformational physapaths


TV/ movie analogy for singular linear immortality

TV/ movie analogy for body and consciousness

TV analogy for the identity theory

TV analogy for extensions

Tv/movie analogy for panpsychism

Movie observer compared to consciousness observer

Tv/movie analogy for awarepath mapping

Superimmortality movies

Movie analogy for experiencing the multiplicity of self

The superimmortality of James Bond

Arguments for superimmortality

Reasons to believe that ever increasingly desirable awarepaths can be produced

Emergent properties argument

Personal identity argument

Prediction and explanation


It might seem like the hypothesis (mortalism) that the death of your current body is the permanent end to your conscious life is the simplest theory of life after death and immortality. What we know is that at the permanent death of the body it no longer produces any consciousness. The postulation that you will never experience anything ever again after death, is based on the facts that everyone eventually dies and we do not see a dead body come back to life again, seems reasonable. We have no scientific reason to believe that a soul of any supernatural entities survive death of the body or even exists in the first place.

Is mortalism actually the simplest hypothesis or just the lazy man’s assumption? It is almost as bad as the answer to any why question: It just is! How does a mortalist get from the facts that the body dies and never comes back to life to the conclusion that you will never consciously experience ever again. One assumption is that your consciousness is tied to your body. Why? It just is! We have no reasons to believe otherwise.

Questions can be asked at this point How does your body produce your consciousness? How does your body produce your consciousness and not someone else's? This is where the simplicity of superimmortality comes into the picture. Superimmortality has the coherent simple useful answers that mortalism does not. The mortalist says the the brain produces consciousness, specifically, your brain produces your consciousness. How does your brain produce your consciousness and only your consciousness? It just does! A simple answer but it does not add to our understanding.

When a hypothesis does not add to our understanding it is limited in its usefulness. If the structure and functioning of the brain produce consciousness, then does identical structure and functioning in another brain produce identical consciousness in this other brain? the simplest answer is yes it does. If this is the case then the consciousness produced in your current brain can also be produced in another brain. The moortalist might agree but say this identical other consciousness will not be a conscious that you experience, based on the fact that there can only be one of you existing at a time.

What is the supporting evidence for the belief that only one conscious you can exist at a time. The answer given is that it is obvious because I only experience my own consciousness and no other. My consciousness is singular, individual, unique, I and only I experience my consciousness!

This implies that there is something more to your consciousness than just a consciousness. Or it implies that the structure and functioning of the body or brain alone, does not produce the conscious you. There can be two identical consciousnesses but I have to experience the consciousness and I can only experience a consciousness produced by my body and brain.

What produces this distinction? A body that is producing identical structure and functioning to that of the original will be producing identical behavior as long as they function identically or near identically. Any reference to the consciousness or self that the original produces the continuing identical replica will also produce. This replica could replace the original at any time and no one could tell the difference. The replica will think that he is the original in the same way that the original believes that he is the original. If you could convince one of them that he is not the original the other will also believe that he is not the original either because they continue to have the identical structure and functioning (by the definitional conditions of the experiment).

The mortalist will say that this is not the original, and this is true. But why can’t the replica produce the same “I” as the original? Is the original more, in some way, than the replica, thus making the replica not produce the same “Iness” as the original. If the replica was created first would he now have the “iness” of the original?

Why does the original have the iness that it has and not the iness of any other possible continuing identical replica? Superimmoortality predicts that they have the same iness. Mortalism predicts that they do not.

The mortalist might concede that continuing identical replicas will have the same iness but that there cannot be any identical structure and functioning physical objects. This is not a problem for superimmortality because there are an endless number of very small physical changes that can occur in the replicas body that will still produce the exact same consciousness.

Technologically useful

The inadequacy of the closest continuer hypothesis for determining the same person

External arguments for superimmortality

Internal arguments for superimmortality

Complexity arguments for superimmortality

Arguments against superimmortality

Cost benefit analysis of superimmortality versus religions

The Pluralizability Objection to a New-Body Afterlife

The Teleportation Argument against multiplicity

But it's not me argument against superimmortality

What's left if superimmortality and soul theories are false

Computer upload theory of life after death

Swampman argument

Mary’s room or the knowledge argument

Superimmortality is just too much

Transitional awarepaths

Positivity of superimmortality

How superimmortality helps cure the disease of religion

Purpose and meaning

Purpose of suffering

Insignificance of the singular self

Justice and superimmortality


Reunion with friends and loved ones

Not a pitiless universe

Not a blind universe

Human significance

Does the universe have conscious beings in mind

Are conscious beings a prisoner of time

The omni properties of self

You in the multiverse

The future of conscious beings

Selecting paths

Aliens and superimmortality

Concern about experiences in future lives

Morality Ethics and superimmortality

Morality and superimmortality

Animals and superimmortality

Overpopulation and superimmortality

What is the purpose of life?

Bizarre aspects of superimmortality

Creation of aliens

Creation of alien consciousnesses

Creation of alien ixperiencitnesses

Creation of enhanced animals

Enhancing animals for increased communication

Creation of consciousnesses about consciousness

The science of superimmortality podcast